Monday, September 14, 2009


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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rum. I like Rum.

Lunchtime tipple anyone?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The most expensive the world!!!!!!!!!!

Having read of the impending transfer of one Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid for €80million and the recent massive transfer of Mr. Ricky Kaka for €60 million, i had an idea for a post.

If you accept that some players today are very good, but are they as good as players of yore (Maradona vs Ronaldo, Zico vs Kaka, etc) then you could come up with a list of players, how much they'd be worth now and where they'd end up.
I am assuming for the purposes of this list that all players are 25 years old (prime of career), injury free and willing to move.

Pele. No doubt one of the top 5 footballers of all time, the economics in Brazilian/South AMerican football would mean he would have been either sold to a third party (a la Tevez) or sold to Europe in fairly short order. playing Spain for either Barca/Madrid or Valencia - Transfer value €60 million - you can't top his goalscoring record.

Diego Maradona -Currently playing for Inter Milan - Transfer Value €60 million.

Alfredo Di Stefano - (IMO the best player in the history of the game) - Real Madrid (where else) €75 million.

Ferenc Puskas - Up there with the best - AC Milan - €45 Million

Gerd Muller - Best Goalscorer bar none - Man Utd/Chelsea - €50 million

Johan Cruijff - Barca - €50 million

Kenny Daglish - Liverpool - €35 million

Chris Waddle - Juventus - €28 million

Zico - Inter Milan - €60 million

Dr. Socrates - Real Madrid - €50 million
you get the idea.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Down, Down - We've gone down.

The Daily Hate has come up with a list of players at the Toon who should be staying and going.
Here's my take.

NICKY BUTT £60,000 a week — Can't play for 90 mins - Bye Bye
STEVEN TAYLOR £40,000 — Time to say goodbye - Not as good as he or his father thinks he is.
DANNY GUTHRIE £40,000 — will do well in Championship - still not creative enough.
SHOLA AMEOBI £40,000 — Should have been sold 3 seasons ago (how the fuck is he on £40,000 a week????????
STEVE HARPER £30,000 — deserves a run as No 1. very good underrated keeper.
RYAN TAYLOR £30,000 — should pick up in lower level. Decent player if nothing else could help the promotion push.
MICHAEL OWEN £105,000 — Good riddance to bad rubbish
DAMIEN DUFF £70,000 — says he wants to stay (yeah, right). - "Keep paying me the £70K so I can continue to do sod all every week.
OBAFEMI MARTINS £70,000 — Bye Oba, We'll miss you.
ALAN SMITH £60,000 — Should never have signed him in the first place.
MARK VIDUKA £60,000 — Bye bye pasty boy
GEREMI £60,000 — never should have signed him.
JONAS GUTIERREZ £50,000 — Has good heart, we should keep him.
HABIB BEYE £50,000 — Bye Habib, we'll miss you.
IGNACIO GONZALEZ £50,000 — on loan as far as I know - byeeeeeeee
CACAPA £40,000 — worse than Brian Pinas - why did we sign him?
SEBASTIEN BASSONG £30,000 — one of Newcastle’s few assets. He should be kept - looked excellent
PETER LOVENKRANDS £20,000 — brief loan spell to end. Bye peter - not convincing enough
KEVIN NOLAN £50,000 — You can't turn tripe into steak.
JOEY BARTON £60,000 — Sack the nasty bastard now
JOSE ENRIQUE £60,000 — A good left back who will do a good shift.
FABRICIO COLOCCINI £60,000 — was good, but having only one good centre back in the club until Bassong came along meant he had to do two peoples jobs - yes, I am looking at Steven Taylor.
XISCO £50,000 — why did we buy him (looks good in the reserves, but then again so would I)

ps - that Nasty Bastard Matthew Syed has stuck the knives into Newcastle again on his Times column - Once a bitter table-tennis failure, always a failure - IMO.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We're down. I am not happy. But I can live with it.
I've had a season full of Man Utd fans insulting Newcastle United fans on the Guardian blogs.

To the people of Rome - I ask a simple favour.
Sharpen the knives and aim for the people in Red, White and Black.


Friday, May 22, 2009

new-ish meme

Where is your mobile phone? Bag

Your significant other? Mrs.Palm

Your hair? Gone

Your mother? Gael

Your Step-father? Tony

Your favourite thing? Cricket

Your dream last night? Work

Your favourite drink? Gin &Tonic

Your dream/goal? Millionaire

What room are you in? Office

Your hobby? Cricket

Your fear? Unemployment

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Beach

Where were you last night? Bed

Something that you aren’t? Rich

Muffins? ummmmmmm

Wish list item? House

Last thing you did? Work

What are you wearing? Clothes

TV? Toshiba

Your pets? none

Friends? Some

Your life? Meh

Your mood? stressed

Missing someone? Yes

Your car? no

Something you’re not wearing? Tie

Your favourite store? Game

Your favourite colour? Blue

When is the last time you cried? yesterday

Where do you go to over and over? Home

My favourite place to eat? Newcastle

Favourite place I’d like to be at right now? New Zealand


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MP's expenses

Here's an easy one for you.

Barr all current MP's from being an MP for the next ten years.
Hold new elections.
New MP's = less scandal.

(also, whoever is the new PM - pass a law that requires Mandelson, Straw and Bliar to be imprisoned for life)